Cassis- A Village by the Sea

This village, one of France’s best kept secrets. A little seaside village masked within a cliff. Pebbly beaches, fishing ports, xylophone-like harbors and narrow inlets.

Xylophone Harbor

My family of 11 and I spent another 6 days here after staying in the wooden house in Lloret de Mar. After a 6 hour drive which I slept through as I was ill, we reached our destination and were introduced to the dancing skies of Cassis. Never have I had a grander opening performance to a city before.


9:05 pm – 9:10 pm – 9:30 pm – no filters

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. A sunset brings a new beginning. This dancing sky symbolized a new beginning for me. That I am starting a new chapter. These dancing skies created a painting palette. A painting palette you can only truly see if you were present. With the powerful media present in society, you can easily capture a sunset and post it, however, no words, no pictures are powerful enough to express the magnificence of a sunset.

Our days turned into routines whereby we wake up, and make our way to our cousins apartment which was hidden in an alleyway graced with the presence of plant life and insignificant details which I took to heart.

Once reaching their three-story, blue doored apartment, we would eat, discuss our plans for the day then put the plan into action which usually consisted of either venturing around or the occasional boat ride… actually just one boat ride.

We took a boat at 4 pm. A white boat with streaks of navy blue on the sides. We sat at the bow, the front of the boat. All us children and teens kneeled on the bench which took the shape of the bow and leaned on the edge. Beads of the salty mediterranean occasionally splattered on our arms or faces so when the water evaporated, there were crystals of salt left on your skin. Natures decoration.

1h 30min, 8 calanques. A calanque is a narrow, steep inlet made with either of these rocks- limestone, dolomite or any other carbonate strata. Within these narrow inlets are seas of sapphire, zircon and aquamarine. Once again, no words or pictures are powerful enough to portray the colors.

Another part of our daily routine was our dinner. Same dinner. Same place. There was a sandwich shop in one of the alleyways where we bought sandwiches for dinner every single night. We would take our sandwiches packed with fries and sit at the beach. One of those nights, I sat at the beach alone.

I came across a blond-haired and blue-eyed family. I was intrigued. Typical beautiful European family. Tall, and slim mother with fair skin in a simple blue and white striped dress. Proud father in his salmon colored swimming trunks. 2 little children. One cheeky boy younger than his sister, a lovely girl with pigtails. They were all deaf.

“Oh what a shame” you are probably thinking. No. Not what I was thinking and not what you should be thinking. Yes, they cannot hear each others voices and yes there are some disadvantages but the way they were all communicating brought them closer than any “normal” family. They were glowing. I watched them most of the night, I couldn’t pull my gaze away. In their eyes they may have thought I was judging. However, it was the complete opposite. I was admiring them. The entire situation was gorgeous. It really opened my eyes and made me appreciate the blessings God gave. However, I don’t look at their family as not blessed. God took something away from them but God will also bless them with something I don’t have.

These 6 days were filled with beauty. Not only was this destination special for what I saw but my baby sister turned 1. My sister is the closest thing to my heart and I couldn’t wish for a better place for her to spend her 1st birthday. Not many people know of Cassis and that’s what makes it even more mysteriously beautiful.



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  1. I love Cassis! You write about it in a very poetic way–so fitting!

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  2. Alan Scott says:

    Great photography! 🙂

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    1. artybiotics says:

      Thank you so much!


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