The Mask

Very brief reminder…

Media manipulation; a mask… a series of techniques where a situation or image is changed to fit with the deliverers interest. It involves the suppression of information or point of views by either diverting the attention somewhere else or covering up other certain aspects of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.02.05 PMAn example of this can be seen through this picture on the left. The original photo (middle) displays a man held at gun point however and also being given water. Media, such as Al Jazeera, would manipulate it to look as if the police were ONLY holding him, creating an innocent character to be dealt with in a rough manner by the soldiers. Media, such as CNN, would manipulate the picture by cutting off the gun and only showcasing the soldiers giving the man water, creating a positive outlook on the soldiers. Every single form of media has a biased opinion, and every event has biased opinions.

Lets extend this into more relatable situations. Social media.

Social media is now a global platform to share your “daily lives”… however only portrays the good of people’s daily lives. No one posts the dullness in which they may very well be feeling. We only see a small segment to people on social media, however people go onto others’ feeds and say “wow their life is perfect”, “I wish I had their life” etc. However in reality, the person they wish to become may very well be facing things which could outweigh the small, good things they post. Once again, a form of media manipulation.

Maybe people only post the good things to hide the bad. A kind of mask. The things you see in pictures is a very minuscule section of a person. You can never fully know a person through their pictures, not even this, you will probably not know a person at all through their pictures on social media.

To take this further, there are apps to change the “flaws” in a persons body or face. To hide the “imperfections”. To reshape their body. To hide everything that society has portrayed as a “flaw”.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 6.27.58 PM.png

The middle picture on the very left is a picture of me. Was I truly happy in that picture? Was that day truly as splendid as my facial expression is showing? The truth is, no. The week I posted that photo was an extremely stressful and emotional week, probably one of the most emotionally draining weeks of my life, however you wouldn’t think that since I posted a picture of me looking quite content… hence my caption “it’s an illusion”.

The main point of this blog post is to expose the fact that, the things on social media isn’t real. Its all altered and manipulated. Don’t wish to be someone else, don’t wish to have someone else’s life… everyone has good and bad in their life. No ones life is perfect. Rather than scrolling through someones Instagram feed and sulk at how “perfect” their life is, or how “perfect” she looks, because in reality, its only a small part of their life they are sharing with you and you may very well be a lot more privileged than they are.

Appreciate your life, your talents and your opportunities. Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything that is shown to you.


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  1. “Appreciate your life, your talents, your life, your opportunities. Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything that is shown to you.”

    Comforting to see and hear there are people on the same page that I’m on! The reality page! Intellectual and ration yet full of dreams hopes and life *gives standing ovation*

    Life is only real to those who experience it… meaning, one can know what a rose is by Wikipedia but one only really Knows the Rose once they’ve smelled its nectur and felt it’s thorns!

    The web is just that! A trap for the mind full of illusions distraction manipulations and lies, pretty and hypnotizing, and then the soul forgets to go out and live or worse yet is afraid to!

    To live would be an awe fully bug adventure- Peter Pan

    Here to reality! In all is beauty and thorns!

    Thank you for the thought provoking write!

    God Bless

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    1. artybiotics says:

      This made my day… so lovely to see that people understand what I am talking about. Thank you very much for your comment 🙂

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  2. To live would be an awfull BIG Adventure- Peter Pan – Typo above

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  3. Ravisingh says:

    Its a master piece and well crafted post,Artybiotics!!.Believe me, i am reading after a very long time such a real and thought provoking post. what is most amazing is that you have full understanding and control on the subject you write.I am also impressed that there is a depth in your thought proceess.Such posts deserve to be kepy in a museum for people to see its uniqueness for ever.
    You have clean bold me.Artybiotics!

    Love and regards to you.

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    1. artybiotics says:

      Thank you so much! This means a lot… such kind words 🙂


      1. Ravisingh says:

        pleasure is mine!

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  4. cyyoung99 says:

    Thank you for the thoughts. We should remind ourselves every day that what we see and hear on media (traditional and social) are filtered.

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