About ArtyBiotics-

17 years old. An Egyptian, Australian female. Thick curly hair, dark eyes and toffee coloured skin. I’m a Third Culture Kid who moved 8 times in 7 different countries and lived in 14 different houses. I’ve learnt a lot, experienced a lot, seen a lot.

But I want more.

I want to learn more and experience more. I want to meet more people, not briefly but deeply. I want to know their stories, their journeys… their dreams and aspirations… their fears and their talents… their cultures, and their beliefs.

I want to discover the earth, both its cities and its countrysides. Its mustard fields, its white mountains. Its oceans and its deserts. I want to uncover each country as if it were a person.

Why the word ArtyBiotics? Personally for me, art heals. Art is my antibiotics. Drawing, writing, painting, photographing, collaging. Everything to do with Art is my medicine. Its my peace and my expression. A way for me to heal and grow.

Through this blog, you will read my perspectives, my experiences, my thoughts. I will give advice, recommendations and reminders. I will tell you about my newest discoveries, both personal and general. I will tell you about the countries I visited and the people I meet. There will be photographs, stories and art.

“Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story”

This blog is my story. It’s my diary. It’s my journey.

Join me?